What are you getting your Husband for Father’s Day?

30 Jun

With the approach of father’s day and the fact that my husband doesn’t ever actually ask for much, I had to knock around some ideas and finally decided a tennis bag that was masculine and useful would be great.  First a little background – we’ve recently discovered that we really love playing tennis together.  It’s great exercise, lots of fun, and a nice way to be a little competitive and keep things fresh.  So I figured a nice tennis racquet holder would make an amazing gift – and he’d at least look good, even if my game is coming along better than his.

Realizing I wanted a quality bag that my Marine husband wouldn’t destroy in a few weeks, I did some Googling, came across Babolat bags and realized these were the perfect tennis bags to withstand his less-than-gentle demeanor.  I looked for a macho-style bag that could hold his uniform, tennis clothes, shoes, wallet, keys and more for the evenings we meet up at the courts right after work.

I found the Do It Tennis website and came across the perfect Babolat bag for him – the Babolat Y Line Racquet Holder x6, a functional tennis bag at the right price that looked good too.  There are two full-length compartments; one holds his racquet and the other holds his change of clothes and shoes.  The large side

Click here for the website of this bag.

compartment keeps his phone, wallet and keys easy to find, instead of having to dig around the bottom or inside of the bag.

Maybe the best part is the removable bag that holds wet items, like his shirt and socks, and then he can just bring it in, throw it in the laundry, and the rest of his stuff in the bag doesn’t get nasty.

It was an awesome gift which my husband appreciated, and we’ve both loved the Babolat Y Line Racquet Holder x6 ever since – he looks professional and like a serious tennis player, and he can be ready to hit the tennis courts with me anytime time we can squeeze in some court time together.

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