After poking around the site…

01 Jul

As soon as I saw the pink Prince Racq Pack Tennis Backpack while looking for my husband’s father’s day gift, I grabbed it because I knew it was the tennis bag for me (besides I need a lil something for me as well- right?).  Call me a girly-girl but I have to admit the pink color caught my eye.  Finally, a tennis bag that was after my own heart, I thought to myself.  Pink has always been my favorite color and after purchasing this backpack, I am convinced it was custom-created just for me.

To die for!

Just a cute lil something for me

Although at first glance, the Racq Pack tennis backpack looks like a traditional tennis bag, it is not as heavy or bulky looking. By no means am I a serious tennis player.  I just enjoy going to the local health club with my girlfriends, playing a game or two and spending the rest of the time socializing over lunch.  After I am done playing, I throw my used clothing inside the backpack along with my racquet. According to the website, this tennis backpack has space for two racquets, but I only use one so I have ample space to stash my extra set of clothes.  I put my shoes inside the separate pocket at the bottom of the bag. Now this is one great feature because I can separate my dirty shoes from my other gear.  The backpack even includes a dual zipper which makes for easy access.
Since this bag has so many pockets, I toss my keys, my cell phone, my visor, plus my wallet, so I do not need to bring along my purse.  No longer do I have to dig around inside the bag to find a small item, because I can organize them in the individual pockets.  There is a separate hook for keys, but I do not use it.  Another good thing about this bag is I can either grab it by the top handle or use the easy-to-adjust backpack straps and wear it on my back.
My friends at the club have all asked where I got the “pink tennis bag.”  They are even more surprised when they learn how economical the tennis bag is. As one of my friends put it, “you get more bang for your buck.”

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